Web Design Services

I offer a range of web design solutions from complete multi-page sites to one-off logos, banners and custom graphics, all extremely competetively priced.


Logos - I can use/adapt an existing graphic that you are currently using, or create a new one to your specifications. Logos can be of any size, according to your requirements.


Banners - I can create a banner using existing graphics, or new graphics to your specifications. Popular banner sizes I create for are "full-width" banners, mini-banners, and tower banners.

Number Required


Splash Pages - these are one page adverts, similar to traditional flyers, whose purpose is primarily to attract peoples attention to a specific item - it could be your site, a product, or a special offer. These pages are designed to be fast-loading, and un-cluttered.

Number Required


Website Design - From a simple, one page website to a full e-commerce business site, I can produce a site to match your needs and budget. Prices start at £25 and includes a FREE basic logo design.

Unlike many designers who charge per page, I charge based on the amount of work required. Additional pages require relatively less work per page than a single page, and my prices reflect this.
To get an idea of what your site may cost, check out the Price List.

I also offer Web Services packages for customers requiring a more complete web solution.

Number of Pages


Custom Graphics - I can produce button sets to match your website theme, or to unique design. I can also produce custom graphics to complement your website.

Please contact me with your requirements, and I will provide a customised quote.


Guaranteed Visitors - A website without visitors is like a shop that always has the shutters down. Without visitors, your site will never be able to promote your offering, but how do you get people to visit your site?
I offer to guarantee a minimum number of hits to your site at a competive price. From just 250 hits to 20,000 hits or more (just ask for my high volume discount deals)

  • 250 guaranteed page hits       £4
  • 500 guaranteed page hits       £7
  • 1,000 guaranteed page hits       £10
  • 2,500 guaranteed page hits       £20
  • 5,000 guaranteed page hits       £35
  • 10,000 guaranteed page hits     £50
  • 20,000 guaranteed page hits     £80

Number of Page Hits


Search Engine Optimisation - Most people use a limited number of search engines when searching on the internet, and studies have shown that most surfers will not search beyond the first 3 pages, therefore to attract search engines to index your site in the higher ranking positions will often require a degree of 'fine-tuning' to web pages to increase their importance in the search engines.
The algorithms that the search engines use are a closely guarded secret, and periodically amended to try and prevent people from artificially boosting non-relevant pages in the search results listings. However well designed pages will suffer less in these adjustments.
I can offer advice on how to improve your site pages to make them more likely to be better indexed by the major search engines.

Number of Pages

Please feel free to contact me with your requirements, and join the list of international clients who have had their expectations exceeded with stellar service.

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